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Regional Competition Registration is Due February 1st each year!

Competition Registration for 2020 will open in December

State Competition Registration is Due April 1st each year



IDEA Team Competitions

2020 IDEA Engineering Design Brief and Engineering Design Scoresheet -TBA

2020 IDEA Architectural Design and Architectural Design Scoresheet -TBA

2020 Materials for Individual Teachers- TBA

  1. School/Teacher IDEA Registration Form
  2. IDEA-Regional-Competition-Sites  PDF
  3. IDEA-Regional-Award-Distribution-Chart PDF
  4. IDEA-Competition-Rules-and-Regs  PDF
  5. IDEA-Turner-Vicinity-Map PDF
  6. IDEA – Turner Hall Map PDF

Sample Tests from Past Years

2015 – Regional_Booklet with keys
2106 – Regional_Booklet with keys
2017 – Regional_Booklet with keys


Illinois Design Educators Association


The Illinois Design Educators Association is a group of educators who offer professional development for its members as well as a spring regional and state competition with a variety of competitions for our drafting and design students in the State of IL.

Illinois Design Educators Association

Illinois Design Educators Association

11 hours 18 minutes ago

Congratulations to Jeff brown for being elected as the 56th president of the IDEA. He succeeds previous 3-term president Brian Rick.

Illinois Design Educators Association

Illinois Design Educators Association updated their profile picture.

Illinois Design Educators Association

Today we hosted our annual IDEA/ITEC Conference at Turner Hall in Bloomington. Special thanks to all those who attended and all who made it possible including our presenters, members, and Illinois State University for allowing us to use the facilities. Make plans to attend next year's conference on November 6th & 7th.


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