President’s Letter

IDEA Members,

I am writing to congratulate all the teachers who encouraged your students to compete in the IDEA Regional contests in March and the State Competition on April 16th. We had over 950 students entered at the Regional level and over 230 competing at State at ISU. This was our largest group and we pushed Turner Hall labs to overflowing. As we have grown and Turner has not we are in discussion about making more if not all of the contests BYOT/D/Laptops.

We were able to award State Championships to 8 students, 2 design teams, and their instructors as they were judged “The Best of the Best” for 2016 and they proved it. Check out the results on the Competitions page. It was great to see the kickoff of the Engineering Design and Architectural Design competitions produce outstanding student work in our BETA test year. Four Regionals and their students participated this year with more Regionals being asked to take part next year. Encourage your Regional Director to participate next year. Students, teachers, parents, and judges were excited to see the results of the team’s efforts.

Kudos goes out to our Competition Directors Jon O’Brien and Dr. Mark Laingen. They had organized a competition that was enjoyed by students, parents, and teachers. The ISU campus and Turner Hall were very busy places, but everyone was able to scramble and follow the agenda throughout the day. Gratitude was expressed to Dr. Brown by your organization as it voted again to fund the $500/year Dr. Ryan Brown-IDEA Scholarship for former IDEA students enrolled in the ISU CAST department. We took time prior at the award’s ceremony to make the participants aware of this opportunity. Please make sure your senior students are aware as well. The students were also presented with medals, textbooks, and software for their efforts. We would like to thank GoodHeart-Willcox and Dr. Ryan Brown for their prize donations.

Please continue to stay involved in YOUR IDEA organization. It was great to see new teachers and programs represented at the State Competition and giving their students a chance to compete. Please continue to reach out to those drafting, TEE, PLTW, or design teachers in your area. The Board will be working on the membership list, website, and other organizational aspects through the summer and fall. We hope to involve more teachers in the judging process at state and we will survey for your input next year.

This year was a year of change with the registration process as we went to computerize entries and streamlined the process for all involved. There were a few glitches, but we believe Joe, Jon, the Regional Directors have a process that will work for future years. Please consider joining the IDEA Board in the fall to help keep the organization moving forward with continued energy and new ideas.

Best wishes to you and your students as you complete the 2015-16 school year. Enjoy your summer break, families, and the time to re-energize. We look forward to working with you in the fall when you return to your schools. For those of you retiring-Thanks for your years of service and involvement in IDEA.


Steve Skorup

IDEA President

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  • IDEA Fall Conference: October 27, 2016
  • ITEC-IDEA Conference October 28-29, 2016


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